Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS).

Q: What is PACS?

Simply an electronic database of patient image data and results.

Q: What is OCI?

OCI stands for Oregon Community Imaging. It is a cooperative effort among several radiology providers in Salem to store as much pertinent patient image data in one convenient location. By using the secure web access to OCI, you can find almost all images from Mission Medical Imaging in a single convenient location together with studies for your patient performed at other locations including Salem Hospital.

Q: Do i need a password?

Yes, you will need to be established as a user for the OCI system if you have not been already. Please call us at 503-362-0254 or send us an email at to request a username and password.

Q: Where can i get access?

Using the secure web-based PACS portal, you can gain access to images in any location that you have access to the internet. Your laptop and wireless devices can also be used for secure access.

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